Corporate compliance training best practices
Corporate Compliance Training best practices

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Corporate Compliance Training

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Corporate Compliance Training
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Your Legal To-To List

What steps can you take, today, to prevent costly lawsuits?

Read Your Legal To-Do List to learn about:

  • Recent trends in employment law that you should know

  • The legal implications of not following procedures

  • The risks associated with cheaper compliance training approaches

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Top 3 Reasons Managers Should Take Employment Law Training

Unfortunately many inexperienced human resource professionals and business unit managers  believe that corporate compliance training is a waste of time and money.

They think that HR or experienced managers will catch their mistakes before they happen.

There are a few false premises to this argument that you should know before you decide to pass or skimp on corporate compliance training.

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Corporate Compliance Training
Featured Workshops

AB1825 Harassment Training

The law requires that all managers and supervisors  participate in a two-hour compliance training program every two years to prevent illegal sexual and other harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. (view the bill)

Corporate Compliance AB1825 Training

Managing within the Law

The purpose of this proven corporate compliance training program is to keep you and your company out of court.

It is taught by seasoned attorneys and includes the key laws related to wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, defamation, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

In addition to the law, the focus is on your company's policies, procedures and values and the spirit of the law so that the end result makes sense for your specific situation.

Managing within the Law Training

Corporate Compliance  Training

Best Practice Corporate Compliance Assessments and Toolkits

Compliance Toolkit

Corporate Compliance Training
Success Story

In the age of rapidly changing employment laws and increased work loads, failure to comprehend basic employment law and workplace guidelines can result in a reduction in workforce morale, inferior productivity, and even costly lawsuits.

Leading organizations consistently seek out the necessary management and compliance training resources required to overcome the inherent challenges associated with ensuring a healthy, legal and risk free workplace.

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